Xiom Strato

Rp 900.000
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Deskripsi Produk

“Barang dijamin 100% Original"
Layer/Ply (Lapis) : Hinoki Cabon 3 + 2
Berat : ± 85g
Ketebalan : ± 6.1mm
Dimensi : ± 157 x 150mm
Carbon : Hinoki Cabon
Strategy : Aggress
Technic : Spin
Distance from table : Close + Mid
Rebound : OFF
Center deflection : +1 Repulsive
Hardness feel : Stiff
Sharpness feel : Mild
Improved HINOKI-CARBON blade of 7.0 mm thickness
High power, comfortable feel, and all-round capability

The basic construction of STRATO is based on that of our classic carbon blades such as SPEED OFF++ and POWER OFF+. But, replacement of older carbon with newly developed ENERGY CARBON realized another level of performance and feel. Improved efficiency of energy due to the lower damping of new material makes more powerful strokes. Further it gives improved control.
KISO HINOKI of improved quality is used as top layers, and provides very comfortable and mild feel. This improvement gives STRATO the ability of all-round play though it is very fast blade. Topspin is more stable than players expect, and draws very sharp trajectory with good control. If a player can be once accustomed to the high speed, he/she will be able to perform every technique with ease.

Kami menyediakan jasa merakit/memasang karet bet tanpa biaya (GRATIS) untuk semua pembayaran kecuali COD.

Cantumkan dalam kolom keterangan "Dirakitkan” dan infokan warna karet sisi depan/forehand dan backhand yang akan dirakitkan.