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DHS Hurricane 3 Neo

Rp. 230,000 285,000

Colors : Black or Red

Sponge : Black - Soft, Red - Hard

Pimmple            : Pimple In
Rubber Spin      : 97
Rubber Control  : 50
Rubber Spin      : 96
Unique combination of NEO sponge and Hurricane 3 rubber enables stable, high-speed attacks, maximising the striking potential for the player. It is recommended for an attacking strategy with high speed and low fast loop with strong spin. Sponge – Medium Hard. Strategy – OFF.

Xiom Vega Euro DF

Rp. 440,000

DYNAMIC FRICTION against slipperiness

Unprecedented control and extreme angle shots


Evolved from snow tire technology Dynamic Friction rubber has the higher friction rate in movement against the ball. Dynamic Friction is a result of balancing chemical composition with physical structure for the specific purpose; different than making static friction. New plastic ball is more difficult to catch with the rubber for spin because harder plastic shell also has the more slippery surface. Especially when the plastic ball hits the rubber with high speed at extreme angle. VEGA Dynamic Friction series improved the grip on plastic ball while keeping the legacy of world's most popular rubber formula.

Yasaka Rakza 9

Rp. 490,000

“Barang dijamin 100% Original”

Speed      : 11+

Spin        : 13+

Control    : 8+

RAKZA 9 is one of several rubbers with the newly developed top sheet using mainly natural rubber gum. This improves the level of grip and the power of spin drastically. The top sheet is combined with the new “Power Sponge”. The top sheet and “Power Sponge” work in perfect synergy, producing the Hybrid Energy rubber.

Yasaka RAKZA 9 is the latest addition to the Yasaka RAKZA family with improved speed characteristics.

The surface rubber of Rakza 9 has a newly developed formula/rubber combination. In addition the new sponge is made of a more homogenous material and has larger pores. Rakza 9 is the fastest of Yasaka’s Hybrid Energy rubbers and is suitable for technical offensive players using both high speed and spin to win the point.

Yasaka Rakza 7

Rp. 490,000

(Tersedia warna Merah & Hitam)

Speed      : 11

Spin        : 14

Control    : 9

Yasaka RAKZA 7 is the newly developed rubber by YASAKA, using mainly natural rubber gum for the top sheet. This improves the level of grip and the power of spin drastically. The top sheet is combined with the new “Power Sponge”. The top sheet and “Power Sponge” work in perfect synergy, producing the Hybrid Energy rubber RAKZA 7.

When the player hits the ball hard, the rubber “grips” the ball and the stroke can be used to place the ball accurately, both in direction and length. The serve and short returns are very sharp and easy to handle. Due to the increased percentage of natural gum the durability is improved.


Yasaka Rakza X

Rp. 510,000

Speed      : 11

Spin        : 13+

Control    : 10

RAKZA X table tennis rubber from Yasaka is on of the latest additions to the popular and highly successful RAXZA series of Yasaka rubbers. The top sheet is a mainly natural rubber gum, employing a new production method.

The result is a top surface with exceptional grip enabling both phenomenal spin and speed. These qualities reduce the margin for error. This top sheet is then combined with a harder “Power Sponge”. The resulting combination of a faster sponge and high grip top sheet enables you to place the ball accurately with a high degree of success.

Serves and short returns are both very sharp, similar to the Rakza 7 and Rakza 9.

RAKZA X – yet another winning combination from Yasaka!


Yasaka Mark V

Rp. 290,000

Speed      : 10

Spin        : 10

Control    : 10

Yasaka MARK V represents the absolute highest quality of rubber production and is the unsurepassed leader among table tennis rubbers.

Through the years a large number of championships have been won with MARK V. The rubber has continually been developed as the demands of the topplayers have increased.

For the aggressive player, who masters the modern, fast technique close to the table, MARK V gives unique possibilities.

DHS NEO H3 Prov Blue Sponge ORIGINAL

Rp. 700,000 800,000

DHS H3 Neo Blue Sponge-ORIGINAL

Warna: Hitam

Degree : 40 & 2.1mm

Degree : 39


Dhs Hurricane 3 Provincial Orange Sponge

Rp. 500,000 550,000

Degree 40

Warna Hitam

Giant Dragon Attack Long

Rp. 210,000

Karet Bintik / Pimple Out

Speed 6.5

Spin 5.5

Sponge OX

Giant Dragon Snowflake

Rp. 245,000

Karet Bintik / Pimple Out

Speed 4.8

Spin 8.3

Sponge OX

Giant Dragon Cropcircles

Rp. 175,000

Karet Bintik / Pimple Out

Sponge OX

Giant Dragon - Dragon Talon

Rp. 245,000

Karet Bintik / Pimple Out

Speed 4.5

Spin 8

Sponge OX