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Y&T B3 - Robot Pingpong / Robot Tenis Meja / Robot

Rp. 3,500,000

Brand              : Y&T

Model              : B3

Color               : Blue

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B3 model table tennis robot is specially designed for table tennis beginner and children. Speed and frequency setting can be accomplished on the remote control or control panel of machine, convenient and flexible.

*NOTE : Harga sudah termasuk packing kayu dan hanya bisa lewat jasa pengiriman TIKI

Yinhe SP-17 Robot

Rp. 4,200,000 4,500,000

Rated Voltage             : 100-240V

Rated Power               : 36W

Spin     : Topspin, underspin, non-spin, left and right side spin

Serving Frequency      : 40-70 / Min

Serving Speed             : 4-40 / Min

The most balls             : 120 balls

The fewest balls          : 10 balls

Point of fall                 : Random

Colors  : Black

NW     : 3.5KG

Can serve 9 spin balls and 1 non-spin ball

Can be up and down to adjust the angle of serving ball

Angle of serving ball can be adjusted


**FREE Tuttle PPI 2-Star Training Ball

Actual Price of Tuttle PPI 2-Star Training Ball Plastic 40+ 120 Balls Rp. 480.000,-



NEWGY Robo-Pong 2055 Table Tennis Robot

Rp. 14,000,000

Robo-Pong 2055, the Modern Classic, is more accurate, more reliable and faster than its predecessor, the Robo-Pong 2050. The Robo-Pong 2055 includes new electronics, new firmware and software, and was designed and engineered in the USA and built with USA sourced components.

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Features and Benefits:

Digital Accuracy for ball speed, placement and frequency

Selectable randomization controls create a more unpredictable robot

Comes with 64 pre-programmed drills for various playing levels. Train strokes, footwork, transitions and other skills.

Optional advanced use: Included RP.2.PC software to create, save and share custom drills by USB connectivity to a PC. (PC not required for regular operation)

User-friendly digital control panel in 6 languages.

Recycling Net System to capture your returns and recycle the balls for non-stop action

Available spins: Topspin, backspin, left sidespin, right sidespin, combination spins

Available shot selection: Push, chop, serve, counter, lob, fast loop

Manual Head Angle adjustments: From low (serves) to high (lobs)

Fits all standard table tennis tables, and is quick and easy to setup, take down, store and transport. No assembly or tools required.